Montserrat School of Visual Art Beverly, MA. 1971-1972 
Art Institute of Boston, Boston, MA. 1970-1971
The 1st Class of Montserrat School of Art/ Ad 1970
Artist Spotlight
Artmaine Magazine, 2020​​​​​​​
Art Gallery/Frame Shop Owner, Edge of Maine Art and Framing,  Brownfield, ME. 2006- Present
The Frame Shop provides archival framing and preservation of artwork as well as large - format ink jet printing, lamination, digital photo restoration and cleaning services. Advertising and marketing through web design and gallery exhibitions.​​​​​​​
Glass Plate Negatives scanned, printed, cataloged and preserved.

Rebecca Fuller, Archival Framer
Publisher, Edge Editions, 2009- present
Design and layout of text and images for a commercial printer.  Utilizing Adobe Indesign  and Adobe Photoshop software for chapter content and indexing and cover design. 
Author,  Fryeburg, Maine. An Illustrated History, 2020-in progress
Research, photograph, digitize, scan, restore and design collections.

Author,  Brownfield, Maine: An Illustrated History—2019
Forthcoming: Fryeburg, Maine: An Illustrated History, 2023

Voices Across the Field
Patricia Frye Walker, MD
A Chronicle of the Walker Family from Fryeburg Maine
Publisher: Travels Inside the Archive, Poetry, Robert Gibbons 2009
Published by Edge Editions, Brownfield,
Reviewed by Jim Feast of Evergreen Review.
Paperback: 284 pages. Available on Amazon
Stone Mountain House, Nightly Lodging,  Owner, Brownfield, Maine, 2010- 2020
Vacation rentals in an 1880 Victorian located in the Burnt Meadow Mountains.
Caribou Cafe, Owner, Brownfield, Maine 2004-2006
Internet Cafe with a daily luncheon menu.​​​​​​​
Caribou Baking Company, Owner, Baker, Distributor,  Brownfield, Maine 1998- 2004
Wholesale bakery, Individually wrapped specialty baked goods, boxed and frozen. Purchasing equipment and restoring a 1950  Middleby Marshall rotary oven. Developed formulas (recipes), for over 30 different baked goods. Ordered inventory, designed and printed labels and signage, opened accounts, serviced accounts, managed 6 employees. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​
Earthly Delights Natural Foods Catering, 1977, Gloucester, MA.
Illustration: Sigrid Olson
Brownfield Historical Society Grant, 2019. Scan, catalog and digitally restore 130 Granville Poore glass plate negatives donated to the Brownfield Historical Society.
Brownfield Historical Society, Grant, 2017
The curated and printed exhibition,
"Brownfield's Still Here: 1947-2017. The 70th anniversary of the fire of 1947. The Brownfield  Historical Society. Building. An  exhibit of what would then become the final chapter in the Brownfield history publication
Grant- 2016, through the Brownfield Public Library
Grantors are the Stephen and Tabitha King Foundation, and the Clarence Mulford Fund All proceeds from the sale of the book will benefit the BPL and the BHS.
Maine Arts Commission, Percent for Art Grant, 2008
Medomak Elementary School, Waldoboro, Maine
Installation of two framed 33”x 33” LED-backlit transparencies from a series called Digital Mantras.
​​​​​​Maine Arts Commission, Percent for Art Grant, 2007
South Paris Elementary School
Installation of two framed 33”x 33” LED-backlit transparencies from a series called Digital Mantras​​​​​​​
The Gloucester Arts and Humanities Project
Gloucester, MA. 1977-1978, Principal Artist
The project was financed by a $191,000 CETA grant and housed in the Huntress.           Paintings, oral history, prints, photographs and a libretto, all representations of the city's cultural history.
Publications for Non-Profits, 2016 -2019 
Calendar, 2016
Images of Brownfield by late 19th-century photographer Granville C. Poore. Digitized glass plate negatives from the Penobscot Marine Museum that were colorized for the calendar. Produced and published by Edge Editions.
Postcards, 2015
Reproduced and colorized Granville Poore postcards for sale in the Public Library and Historical Society.
The Art of Poetry at Federal Street Folly 2015
Collaboration with the poet Robert Gibbons - 5- 4'x8' panels -combining poetry and collage, printed on satin cloth. Two were exhibited at a poetry reading at The Press Room, The Folly, First Friday, Portland, Maine.
Digital Production, 2006. 
Pablo Suarez/ Janot Mendler de Suarez representing the International Waters Learning Exchange and Resource Network  
Six 3’x 6’ Graphic Panels  printed on tyvek on Water, Gender and Climate: United Nations Climate Change Conference. Exhibited at: Palais des Congrès de Montréal October, 2006 • UNESCO headquarters in Paris, France  
The 4th World Water Forum-2006 in Mexico City. 
Photos: UNESCO, altered.
World Water Forum - Mexico City
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